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Tour of Gdansk

Walk along the Long Market - a magnificent street, with Patrician mansions decorated with late Renaissance and Baroque. See the Main Town Hall, with a life-sized figure of king Sigismund Augustus on the top. Admire the Artus Court - a building used for Hanseatic League meetings, the most beautiful court in all the Hanseatic cities at the St. Mary's Basilica, a part of the most precious and largest red-brick Gothic church. Pass by Mariacka Street, with its gabled terraced houses and elegant boutiques, leading to the Long Wharf on the Motlawa River. At the river's edge stands the characteristic Gdansk Crane, where the tour ends.

    Malbork Castle

    You can also combine your tour of Gdansk with afternoon drive to Malbork to see the famous fortress of the Teutonic Knights. The magnificent castle is located on the banks of the Nogat River. Protected by draw bridges, moats and mounds, the complex consists of 3 parts: the Lower, Middle and Upper Castles. Note the remarkable and original palm vaulting in the Knight's Hall.

      Tour of Gdansk with Oliwa Cathedral

      After tour of Gdanks drive to Oliwa famous for the Cistercian Monastery in Oliwa was laid down in 1188. In 1925, the monastery church was raised to the status of a cathedral of the newly established Gdansk Diocese. The Cathedral is world-famous for its organ constructed by John Wulf and Frederic Dalitz, from 1763-93. The 1876 pipes of tin and wood produce wonderful harmony of sounds. The upper part of the instrument is decorated with statues of angels, carved stars and garlands. It is said that the sound of the Oliwa organ is so fantastic that it made their constructor faint, when he heard it for the first time.

        Stutthof – former Nazi concentration camp

        The Nazi Concentration Stutthof Camp established at the beginning of September 1939 is the oldest camp of mass-extermination in Poland. Nowadays there is the National Museum of Stutthof established in 1962 including post-camp buildings, prisoners' barracks, gas chambers, crematory, gallows. There is also permanent exhibition dedicated to prisoners of Stutthof inside post-camp buildings.

          Gdansk – The Window To Freedom

          In the late 1970s the city’s Lenin Shipyard saw the birth of the SOLIDARITY, the first independent trade union in the Eastern Block countries, which made Lech. Visit the St Bridget’s Church, a record of the Solidarity period with the tombstone of the murdered priest Jerzy Popiełuszko. Stop by the Monument to the Shipyard Workers, erected in memory of the workers killed in the riots of 1970 and will continue to the „Roads to freedom” exhibition, a moving tribute to the Solidarity movement. The exhibition is a real highlight. Its vestibule is a replica of primitive shop of the seventies, with not too many products to sell. Everything is original here, just to mention: the table, chairs, boards with demands, historic ballpoint that Lech Walesa signed the agreement with etc. In one of the halls , the visitors can watch moving documentary film, too.


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